Why should you choose CASA CLEARANCE?
We are members of the UK House Clearance Association.org which means we operate according to a strict code of conduct.

What do you clear?
We clear everything including deceased estates, properties for sale, offices, factories, churches, lofts, garages, flats, schools and commercial properties. Each property is cleared from top to bottom: clothes, blankets, bric-a-brac and even the food from the cupboards.

The only items that we do not clear are bricks, concrete, rubble, gas bottles and chemicals. If requested we can advise you on how to dispose of these items free of charge.

Is CASA CLEARANCE insured against accidents and injuries?
Yes, we have full public liability insurance in place.

Are you a registered waste carrier?
Yes, we are fully registered with the Environment Agency.

What does a house clearance usually entail?
When you call us, we will arrange to come and clear the property at the time that is most convenient for you. We will arrive at the given time and clear everything that you tell us to clear. Usually, a full property can be cleared within 2 to 3 hours.

Do you have a standard rate?
We will quote you a price over the phone, once you have told us the size of the property and given us a rough idea of what there is to be cleared. For a free no obligations quote please call us on 07763 904885 or 07946 629356.

The service we provide is very good value for money when you consider that to clear a standard, 3-bedroom property, you would probably need to hire 3-4 skips at a cost of between £160 and £200 each. You would then have to fill them yourself as well as organizing skip delivery times and permits. At CASA CLEARANCE, we turn up and clear everything within a couple of hours!

Do you buy items?
No, we are strictly a clearance company.

Do you ever clear houses for free?
No we do not, however we can point you in the right direction.

Can I e-mail you some photographs of the property clearance?
Yes, a lot of our customers send us a few photographs of the property to be cleared. This helps us to better understand how many men we will needed to complete the clearance, and roughly how long it will take.

You can e-mail your photographs to enquiries@casaclearance.co.uk

No time for photographs?  Then call us on 07763 904885 or 07946 629356 to make an appointment and we will happily arrange a convenient time in which we can attend the property.

Do you recycle?
We try to recycle as much as we possibly can, every clearance is different so it is not always possible to recycle all of the contents from a particular property, however we do average a 90% recycling rate. A lot of clearance companies send all of their waste to landfill as it is easier & quicker to offload their vans, at Casa Clearance we only uses waste disposal sites that advertise the fact they separate and recycle waste. We also donate a lot.

Where does all the rubbish go?
We take all non reusable rubbish contents to registered Waste and Recycling Management sites where it is sorted and recycled. If there is clothing, usable furniture, brick-a-brac or bedding items in the property, we usually donate them to animal rescue shelters and charity shops.

What areas do you cover?
We cover home-counties mainly; Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire.  We are also happy to travel to a property within a 1.5hr radius.

What days and times do you work?
We work 7 days a week, and our operating times are from 9.00am until 5.00pm. We do not mind working on Saturdays and Sundays, and in extreme circumstances we can work “out of business hours.”

Can you clean the property once it has been cleared?
Yes, we offer a comprehensive cleaning service for an additional fee. Check out ‘Other Services’ tab for more details.

Do I need to live near to the property for you to do the job?
No, we do not need you to be at the property whilst we clear it. You can leave the keys with a neighbour or simply post the keys to us (by recorded mail) and we will post them back once the clearance is complete. If your solicitor, estate agent or neighbour is taking care of matters for you, then we can pick the keys up from them and return them when the job is finished.

Remember, we know how stressful it can be to deal with a property clearance, especially a deceased estate. That’s why we’re here to help and be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate your needs. If you feel you need to oversee the work, then we can work weekends if you are unable to book time away from work.

Do you disconnect all appliances?
Yes (If a standard installation), we do. In fact, we advise clients to leave the disconnection of appliances such as cookers (gas or electric) and washing machines to us as we are experienced in these areas.

What happens to any personal items: paperwork etc?
If the paperwork is unwanted we ensure it is disposed of in a way that it does not fall into the wrong hands – this keeps you or your relative safe from identity theft.

What happens if you find something valuable in a house?
We hand it over to you. We have done many house clearances where we have found money, jewellery or personal items.

Can I pop out while you’re doing the job?
Yes, of course you can. Believe it or not, many of our past customers have just left us alone to get on with the job, in particular, when the clearance is of a deceased estate, people can find the experience distressing. With this in mind, we are always willing to work independently.

When can you do the job?
We can do the job within 2-3 days notice. If it is more convenient for you however, we are always happy to schedule it for a later date of your choosing.

What type of vans do you use?
Our house clearance vans are approx 14ft long, 10ft in height, 7ft in width & can carry over 1.5 tonnes of household waste. Our fleet of Abacus vans are all unmarked which guarantees complete discretion.

Do you guarantee to clear the whole property?
Yes! The last thing you want is a clearance company turning up and the day and them telling you they cannot fit everything into their van thus leaving you the headache & stress of reorganizing another day off work for them or another company to come back to clear what is left.

Unless the property is extremely cluttered we guarantee to clear everything on the day, it may mean we have to do a second load to get the house cleared, the cost of a second load is half of the original quote.

If the house is extremely cluttered then we may need to come back on another day, if this is the case the same quote again will apply.

We will not leave you with items in the property like other house clearance companies & we will not ask for payment until the property is fully cleared.

What payment methods do you offer?
When the clearance is complete our staff will give you an invoice which is payable by credit or debit card. We accept all major credit cards. There is a 2% sur charge on credit cards.

Final Note ! Unfortunately to dispose of items legally is expensive! The days of cheap house clearance are over unless you hire an unlicensed, unaccountable, uninsured fly tipping cash in hand cowboys.

Call us today on 07763 904885 or 07946 629356 or contact us via e-mail using our enquiry form.

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