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Hyperwear 10lbs Or 4.5kg Steel Bell Filled New Silver Grey Steelbell


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Hyperwear SteelBell 

Weight: 10lbs / 4.5kg

Material: Neoprene 

Constructed from extra-thick neoprene with a super texture surface for grip improvement

The SteelBell engages and moves with you, acting as a “live weight.”

Safe for all ages

Swing or throw the SteelBell with maximum effort without fear of injury to yourself or others

A heavy duty neoprene bag ready to be filled with steel shot, the Hyperwear SteelBell is one of the most functional, intense and unconventional free weights ever created. Extremely durable, it can be used like a medicine ball, slam ball, dumbbell or kettle bell for exercises like presses, squats, slams, swings and lunges. Tiny balls of steel shot make the SteelBell incredibly lively and challenging. The true SteelBell advantage is for exercises to build explosive power and full body stability. SteelBells can also be thrown, caught and slammed allowing a vast variety of exercises individually or with a partner. 

Brand New

Steel shot is easily available online from clay shooting specialists. 

Collection on larger items welcome.

REF: FY2142055

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