Hyperwear Sandbell Sandbag Red 1kg/2lbs New Unfilled Strength Training🏋️ 🏋️ – CASA Clearance
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Hyperwear Sandbell Sandbag Red 1kg/2lbs New Unfilled Strength Training🏋️ 🏋️


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Hyperwear Sandbag
Weight: 1kg / 2lbsFilled 
World’s most versitile free weight can be used like a dumbbell, medicine ball, kettle bell, slam ball, and be slammed, tossed and caught indoors and outSafe free weight for people and floors making the SandBell the best free weight for group exercise studios or at homeOnly sandbag training weight that comes already filled with special dust free non-leaking sandBest free weight for grip strength exercise and shoulder carry sandbag workoutsDesigned in the USA and patented with proven durability, firm feel, and odor-free real sand
The black with color trim style pre-filled Hyperwear SandBell sandbag training free weight is so versatile it can be used like a medicine ball, slam ball, dumbbell or kettle bell. Soft, safe sand filled SandBells can also be thrown, caught and slammed allowing a vast variety of exercises individually, with a partner or group exercise. Water resistant and the perfect weight for outdoor training and boot camps. Active, shifting movement of the sand challenges stabilizing muscles in your core giving you more results in less time. The ideal tool for grip strength endurance training for football and obstacle course racing.
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